Never Give Up

Keep moving, even when the road doesn’t look smooth and your will doesn’t seem strong enough… 
Keep fighting, even when your strength seems to be failing and it looks like you are losing…
keep believing, even when it seems like God is a thousand miles away and the heavens seems to be a bit higher… 
Keep hoping, even when reality screams at you and your dreams of yesterday doesn’t seem  possible anymore …
 Keep looking up, even when you can’t see the hills and it seems like your help would never come. 
Say a prayer, even when it seems like no one is listening and trust God, even when it seems like He left you, listen to the words of that quiet whisper in your heart, because it would surely speak of hope and peace and love and joy…
#This is God’s words to someone.. Think about this..Selah
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Dear Child 

ear child, they say it won’t be much longer till we see ourselves again. They say it’s just a thousand days and then not one more sun would shine before I come back to you. I know it’s been a while but when I close my eyes, I still picture your smile, I can still feel your warm hug around me and everytime I look at my palm, I still see the prints of your tiny palm resting on mine.  Sweet child, I want you to know that every single night, after the sunsets and under the moonlight I pray for you and your mother. Dear child, I promise you that it won’t be much longer before I make my way home. 

Dear child, it’s less than three hundred days to go before I see your face again. I know that you would be all grown up now, I even try to paint a picture in my mind of how beautiful you would look now but no matter how gorgeous I picture you, something keeps telling me that it’s still not enough. You know, the other guys say I call you and your mother’s name in my sleep with a smile on my face. Sweet child, you do not know this but after God you are my greatest inspiration and strength. I still keep your picture in the pendant of my necklace, I look at you day and night, I look at you before every mission, every battle, before every war because you inspire me. Dear child, I promise you that one day, before the sunset that I would make my way home, that I would make my way home. 
Dear child, a thousand years seems to be taking forever. They say it’s just a few rivers and two more valleys to cross before I’m coming back to you. Dear child, the other guys seem to be jealous of me, they say I smile like a little girl who is anxiously waiting for her daddy to return back home, if only they knew that I have a little girl who’s anxiously awaiting daddy’s return. One of the other guys even joking said that what if we are asked to return back for another mission, well I told him that as for me, I was already on a mission and if that happens then I wouldn’t mind going solo because for your sake child, nothing is going to stop me, I would make my way home, I’d make my way home. 
Dear child, where are you? today I finally fulfilled my promise, before the sunset I made my way home only to hear your mother say that you are no longer here. I thought you would wait for me but I was told that you too had embarked on a journey, that you too had made your way home, to our final home. Dear child, this wasn’t suppose to happen. You were not suppose to embark on this particular journey before me, we were suppose to be together for a while, before I leave on my final journey to prepare our final home for us. 
Dear child,  I didn’t even get a chance to witness all the things I had always thought about. I guess I didn’t get the chance to watch you play, walk or talk, to see your smile and hear you laugh once again. Dear child, you were all I thought about day and night, you were my inspiration for every battle, every night when I prayed, you were all I prayed about and whenever the heavens heard me say ‘thank you Lord ‘, they all knew that it was because of you. 
Dear child, I guess soon I would have to embark on another journey, this time I wouldn’t  even mind if it takes ten thousand years, I wouldn’t mind if I have to cross twenty rivers and climb fifty mountains to get to you, to get home. Dear child, I’m coming, I promise you that nothing is going to stop me, I would make my way home, dear child, for your love, I would make my way home. 

#Dedicated to everyone who has ever lost someone. 


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Smiles, Realities and Everything In Between 

Sometimes I wish I could be like this little boy. His smiles were real, mine was fake. He is a baby, he has no worries, I do. Like the birds of the air, he doesn’t need to worry about what to eat and like roses and lilies, he doesn’t need to worry about what to wear. He goes to sleep peacefully every night with the complete assurance that joy would definitely come in the morning. The exact definition of what God expects us to be. 

I wish I could be more like him, to be totally anxious for nothing, to have my mind completely free of the fears of tomorrow. He doesn’t even need to care about his future now, just like a fairytale, his future seems far far away, while mine seems less than a blink away. I have doubts, he has none. The exact definition of what God wants us to be. 
Sometimes I wish I could be like him, to laugh so freely and love so easily. To laugh when thrown into the air and fall freely from the sky with arms stretched wide having the full confidence that someone would be there to catch me. I wish my heart could be more like his, to run back to dad even when I know I had offended him, to run back freely into mum’s embrace even when she scolded me two seconds ago. To be totally free from anger, malice, hatred and bitterness. To forgive freely those who trespass against me even as God has forgiven me and to hold no single grudge. 
I really wish I could be more like him. To humble myself to learn, to sleep at night without fears or guilt of the things I did the previous night and to wake up with nothing but gratitude, to giggle as the golden droplets of the morning sun tickles my skin and to be thankful for every single day even as the blue moon comes to kiss me goodnight. To run around freely in the innocence of my innocence, to hold no shame just like Adam and Eve before the fall. To completely believe, trust and obey my father even when he slays me, just like Isaac and Abraham. The exact definition of what God wants me to be. 
– ‘ And whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven ‘ Mathew 18:4.
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Slowly, I could feel it, it’s darkness caressing over my skin. I was sinking. With one leg in at a time, I was starting to lose all interest on anything life. Nothing made sense anymore, nothing was the same. I hated it all.

I hated everything about everything, I hated the sun, I hated the way it made me burn, the heat it gave even on cold and freezing nights made me mad, I hated the fact that it took away the one thing that made me feel human, the pain. That sweet and bitter pain that accompanied the cold, the pain that almost made my fingers numb and made my bones ache until the sun came and made it all go away. I hated the sun for that.

I hated the rain, I hated the joy it brought, the way it kept me indoors and made me stare through the window, counting its every drop that slides down the glass as I count and recount the blessings that I once had. I hated the cold, the chill feeling it caused, like a child it sent me to my room and under the sheets of my bed I crawled, counting the ceiling and watching the hands of the clock tick and tock as time grew wings and flew never to return again, just the way every single person I loved did.
I hated the fact that you had to leave, I hated death for its cruel timing, the fact that it stole you so early without any warning or heads up, I wasn’t even ready. I hate the day it all started, this depression, the day I lost interest in life itself. The day I said my last goodbye.
I hate the fact that I never get to laugh again, I hate the fact that I’m slowly forgetting what life used to feel like, back then when food had taste and colours had meaning, when we could endure the rain because we knew that the sun would shine afterwards, when no one mourned at night because we had faith that joy would come in the morning. I hate coming to terms with the reality that you are gone, it’s like learning how to walk again. I hate the fact that I’m afraid, too afraid to let anyone into my life because the footprints of the last ones that left still remains fresh in my heart like an open wound.

I hate having to doubt. I hate the fact that my faith fails me, too faithless to believe that there is a God out there who cares about me and although every time I open my eyes, I see that His love surrounds me like the air I breathe and when I shut my eyes, I feel it, caressing my body and healing my soul. I hate the fact that I’m stubborn, too stubborn to let Him in even when I know that He would never leave, and every time I open the scriptures, His love is all I see whether it’s John or revelations, He says He holds me in the palm of His hands and calls me the apple of His eyes.
But, this I love, I love the fact that I finally decided to surrender to Him and although I know the journey won’t be so easy but maybe the yoke would be lighter than this, after all He said in His word that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I love the feeling that I am not alone anymore, that He promised to hold my hands even through the valley of death and He promised to lie me down in green pasture. I love the fact that my past is over, that I have been made new. I love how it makes me feel, it’s like learning to talk again, learning to walk again, it’s like learning to breathe again. I love the fact that I no longer have to hate again.

#so dear depressed, you too can be free. You too can surrender and run into His warm embrace where it’s okay to cry because He wipes the tears all away. You too can learn to walk again, to talk again, to breathe again. You too can learn to love again because no matter who comes into or leaves your life, His love never leaves, it remains the same, everlasting and unchanging. You too can let go, because He first loved you.

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The Genius In You. 

You know, Albert Einstein once said that everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb trees, it’s going to live it’s entire life thinking that it is stupid. 

As a leader, teacher, parent, friend  or just human, you need to know that every one is unique in their own way and comparing one person to another would only lead to emotional suicide. Try to study people individually and see, utilize and cherish their own uniqueness. Don’t go forcing fishes to climb trees. 

Don’t be like our school system that tries to treat every sickness with the same treatment, something Prince_ea calls educational malpractice. Don’t go forcing birds to swim, fishes to climb trees and monkeys to fly. Don’t go comparing your spouse level of care and attention to that of your friend’s or forcing your second son to be more like the first.. Don’t go abandoning your caterpillar before it blooms into a beautiful butterfly. 
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Dear Future Generation 

​Has anybody ever told you that you can’t be whatever you want to be? Has the world taught you that life only favors the boldest, most beautiful or most intelligent? Well, I hope they also told you the story of Albert Einstein and how he grew up being one of the dullest kids around and how that didn’t stop him from being the greatest scientist that ever lived.
Also, I am sure by now you must know all about the friend zone, in fact some of you may be stuck in it already but there is one other zone I want you to be even more afraid of, it’s called the ‘Comfort Zone’. It is a zone that tricks your mind and makes you believe that as long as you are okay, then you are okay. This zone teaches you to wake up, earn money, eat and die. It kills your desire to yearn for more. I know that by now, some of you may be thinking that this zone is cool, it seems like an easy life but just wait till you are sixty years old and all you have to be remembered by is that soon-to-be-outdated house you built and the kids you fathered. When your kids look at you and wonder what you did with your youth that is worth remembering because all they can see is a tired old man. You see, the problem with the comfort zone is that dreams don’t work in there and until you step out of it, you are going to live everyday feeling this void, this emptiness, you would feel incomplete because while you thought you were living, the huge pile of potentials placed in you by God was slowly dying away.

I know by now you must have been told the story of Icarus and how his father made for him wings made of wax and how he disobeyed his father’s instruction and flew too close to the sun thereby causing his wings to melt which in turn caused him to fall and was never found again. But here is a side to that story that no one ever considers, the part where his father advised him not to also fly too low to the surface and this the problem with my generation, we fly too low and play it safe, too careful to truly live our lives to the fullness, you know the bad thing about all this is that when we are old, weak and grey, we get to the point of death only to find out that we never truly lived.
A wise man once said that the problem with the generations of today is not that they aim too high and miss but the fact that they aim too low and hit.

So dear future generation, on your journey to that place called there, you would hear people say stuff like, you are the leaders of tomorrow but good things comes to those who wait and while they tell you to be patient, they are busy enjoying your positions and embezzling your future. You must learn to stand and fight for what is right, what is yours. You must never underestimate the power that lies within you and never forget that if you don’t fight for what is yours, then you shouldn’t bother crying for what you’ve lost.
Finally, to you the future, hold God tightly, listen to His every instruction, never let His book depart from your mouth, neither let His meditation depart from your heart. Your heart, listen to it too, it somehow has a way of making you see what is right and wrong, it would help you face your fears. And fear, never give into it, remember that it’s okay to fear but never let it stop you from chasing your dreams. Don’t be afraid to dare, to dream, to imagine, to travel the world, to fall in love, to make mistakes and to learn from them. 
I write this letter to you because I know that my children are reading this too, so please don’t make the same mistakes we made. Before you die, learn to first live. Before you quit, make sure you must have fought for it with every single thing you’ve got. Listen to the past, learn from it. Don’t be too carried away with the plans for tomorrow that you actually forget to live in today and never be too scared of the future because God is already there.
With love from The Present Generation.
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I know of a river that never runs dry, a well that springs forth from morning till noon. I know of a place where people go to drink water and with just one drink, they never get thirsty again. I know of a well that springs forth in deserts and dry places.
I know of a strong tower, where people run into in times of troubles and they are saved. I know of a refuge and a shield that is strong enough to protect even the weak, I know of a place guided by a God who never sleeps nor slumbers.
I know of a name that is mighty to save, a name that at it’s very mention, every knee bows and tongues confess. I know of a name that is highly exalted, far beyond the heaven above and even beneath the earth. I know of a name that is mighty to save and irrespective of who you are and what your past may have been like, once you believe in its power, it answers and delivers you from all your oppressors.
I know of a good shepherd that watches over the world, a shepherd that causes his sheep to lie down in green pastures and leads them besides still waters. I know of a shepherd who ensures that those who follow him lacks nothing. I know of a shepherd who is so full of love and compassion for his sheep that when one goes missing, he leaves the remaining ninety and nine sheep to graze in green pastures while he goes after that one that went astray. I know of a shepherd who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep no matter how messy, worthless and filthy their life may seem. 
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I remember the first time I saw you, unlike most love stories, the sun wasn’t shinning, neither did I hear birds sing nor the wind whisper, your silk black hair didn’t float behind you like a hero’s cape, there was nothing special about that day, except for you and although the sun had refused to shower us with its golden droplets, your smile somehow found a way to brighten up my day.

I remember the first time we spoke, I had no words to say. I stood there looking at you, like a first grader being asked a question by his teacher on his first day at school and for once in my random and noisy world, there was silence. My nervous hands gave out sweats as I thought of the words to say but as expected, my brain had stopped working. My heart kept on pounding like a rusty train and as if you could read my mind, you came to my rescue. Your words were salted, you were a perfect blend of funny, interesting and intelligent, like a doctor you brought my brain back to life and life back to our dying conversation. Like an assassin, you killed all sorts of awkwardness making us talk for hours and not wanting the conversation to ever come to an end.

I remember how I summoned the courage to ask you to be mine, my feet wobbled and once again my heart pounded, I had rehearsed my lines a thousand times. Like a school play, I had practiced everything, how I would walk, talk, knee and even smile. I remember walking up to you, with one knee on the ground and my two hands holding yours with our eyes locked on each other, one perfect moment, just as I planned.
I remember hearing you say ‘no’, that it was too late, I was already closer than a brother to you.
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Love Thy Neighbor 

Our primary purpose in life is to help people but if you can’t help them, the least you can do is not hurt them. 

It’s a brand new day, decide to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud today. 

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