For The Love Of God. 

Remind me again why you didn’t go to church ⛪ today ?? The weather was cold, your compound was flooded, right?? Or maybe it was because of the rain, it cried too heavily and there was no umbrella left in the house?? Or maybe it was simply because of the weather, it was a weather for two and the church would have been too crowded and I couldn’t possibly understand this because I’m single right?? Or maybe it was your shoes, the shoes you probably wanted to wear were too classy to be drowned by the cloud’s vomit, they were designers, Gucci and Prada, and if anybody knows a thing or two about fashion, they would know that these shoes weren’t made for walking too long.. After all there was no bike or keke in the area and yeah, Jesus loves you, so He should understand.. Right? 
But you know sometimes, I wonder how the weather of eternity was like when He decided to step down into time. I wonder how flooded the earth was but still He embarked on this crazy journey to save us, the journey of love. I wonder if He too had nice and classy shoes and didn’t also want them to get wet… Or wait, probably that was why He walked on water, right?? 
Sometimes I wonder the depth of His Love for us and how He made every necessary sacrifice to bring us back to the father. I mean why did He have to do all that, why did He have to come down when He could easily have remained at the right hand side of God and watch us pay the price for our carelessness, turning the other cheek to our sufferings because after all, it wasn’t His fault that Adam ate the forbidden fruit.. Right?? But no, He didn’t, He couldn’t, rather He came down and was wounded for our iniquities and bruised for our transgressions, taking lashes upon lashes, a pain that couldn’t stand in the way of our love, so by His stripes, we were, we are and we will forever be made whole… So yes, remind me again why you didn’t go to church today?? 
Now I’m not here to make you feel bad or guilty and I’m not saying that not going to church today would make you miss heaven either but if the grave and death itself, couldn’t stop Him from finishing His quest and getting to you, then the rain is just too small to hold you back from Him….. He loves you. Remember it is His will that we do not forsake the gathering of believers especially in this weather. Remember,  the fire only burns brighter when the wood comes together…. Think about this.. Selah. 
#What can separate us from the love of God?? 

#The rain and I 

#His_Storyteller #Stay Inspired.


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