The Place 

I know a place where the heavens  touches the earth, a place where the sun, moon and stars all radiate God’s  beauty. A place where the cloud spells out Yahweh’s love for you and where the angels gather  to watch the sons of men show forth the creative power given to them by the son of God, as they whisper to the ears of each other, questions, questions  whose answer they can’t seem to phantom, questions like, ‘who is man that God is mindful of him?? ‘.

I know a place where the heaven’s touches the earth, where celestial bodies come out to play and angels bear witness of the greatness of man. I know a place where only Gods dare to go, a place where God resides and Jesus stands at the door with arms stretched wide to welcome each and every person that dares to enter. 
I speak boldly of this place because I have not only seen it, but I have been there too. It’s everywhere, in the heavens above, on the earth and underneath the earth. It’s everywhere, it whispers in the wind and glides through the ocean, it’s everywhere, even on the inside of every Christian.

#For the love of photography 

#His_Storyteller #Stay Inspired.


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