Dear Child 

ear child, they say it won’t be much longer till we see ourselves again. They say it’s just a thousand days and then not one more sun would shine before I come back to you. I know it’s been a while but when I close my eyes, I still picture your smile, I can still feel your warm hug around me and everytime I look at my palm, I still see the prints of your tiny palm resting on mine.  Sweet child, I want you to know that every single night, after the sunsets and under the moonlight I pray for you and your mother. Dear child, I promise you that it won’t be much longer before I make my way home. 

Dear child, it’s less than three hundred days to go before I see your face again. I know that you would be all grown up now, I even try to paint a picture in my mind of how beautiful you would look now but no matter how gorgeous I picture you, something keeps telling me that it’s still not enough. You know, the other guys say I call you and your mother’s name in my sleep with a smile on my face. Sweet child, you do not know this but after God you are my greatest inspiration and strength. I still keep your picture in the pendant of my necklace, I look at you day and night, I look at you before every mission, every battle, before every war because you inspire me. Dear child, I promise you that one day, before the sunset that I would make my way home, that I would make my way home. 
Dear child, a thousand years seems to be taking forever. They say it’s just a few rivers and two more valleys to cross before I’m coming back to you. Dear child, the other guys seem to be jealous of me, they say I smile like a little girl who is anxiously waiting for her daddy to return back home, if only they knew that I have a little girl who’s anxiously awaiting daddy’s return. One of the other guys even joking said that what if we are asked to return back for another mission, well I told him that as for me, I was already on a mission and if that happens then I wouldn’t mind going solo because for your sake child, nothing is going to stop me, I would make my way home, I’d make my way home. 
Dear child, where are you? today I finally fulfilled my promise, before the sunset I made my way home only to hear your mother say that you are no longer here. I thought you would wait for me but I was told that you too had embarked on a journey, that you too had made your way home, to our final home. Dear child, this wasn’t suppose to happen. You were not suppose to embark on this particular journey before me, we were suppose to be together for a while, before I leave on my final journey to prepare our final home for us. 
Dear child,  I didn’t even get a chance to witness all the things I had always thought about. I guess I didn’t get the chance to watch you play, walk or talk, to see your smile and hear you laugh once again. Dear child, you were all I thought about day and night, you were my inspiration for every battle, every night when I prayed, you were all I prayed about and whenever the heavens heard me say ‘thank you Lord ‘, they all knew that it was because of you. 
Dear child, I guess soon I would have to embark on another journey, this time I wouldn’t  even mind if it takes ten thousand years, I wouldn’t mind if I have to cross twenty rivers and climb fifty mountains to get to you, to get home. Dear child, I’m coming, I promise you that nothing is going to stop me, I would make my way home, dear child, for your love, I would make my way home. 

#Dedicated to everyone who has ever lost someone. 


#His_Storyteller #Stay Inspired. 


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